Mission & Philosophy

The Rosen Group’s overarching mission is to provide high-quality, strategic public relations services to clients, integrating innovative approaches and programs with tried-and-true methods to maximize buzz that translates directly to the bottom line.

We understand that the best relationships are seamless.  As such, The Rosen Group considers itself a full-fledged marketing partner for its clients, acting as a consultant and sounding board, assisting with marketing programs and functions, supplementing and building upon existing efforts and moving beyond the traditional public relations role.

The Rosen Group is:

Strategic:  We take a deliberate approach with each client, employing media and marketing efforts that are likely to have a positive impact.

Client-focused:  We welcome and embrace new client challenges and requests, and work closely with our clients’ internal teams to provide customized services unique to each organization.

Fast-acting:  Once an idea or program is established and agreed upon by the client, we operate in a swift and streamlined manner, maximizing efficiency and results.

Honest, insightful:  Our approach with media and clients has always been honest and unbiased. We’ve found that clients value our insight and that open, two-way communication is the cornerstone for a successful, long-term partnership.

Media-savvy:  We have established long-standing relationships with reporters and producers at top outlets across the nation, and they often look to our client roster for expert commentators.  Likewise, we rigorously follow each news cycle to pounce on each and every public relations opportunity.  When news breaks, we position our clients as experts/spokespersons to capitalize on the coverage.

Unfailing:  The Rosen Group has a reputation as a committed, consistent and reliable public relations agency.  From meeting media at 6:00 a.m. for live shots to fulfilling each and every client and press request, we provide steady and solid public relations services.

Accessible:  Based on the understanding that we live in a 24/7 world, staff members are available beyond the traditional workday so that each media opportunity can be fulfilled and maximized.

Detail-oriented:  From controlling each minute detail of a mailing to the production of collateral materials, we strive for perfection in all aspects of our communications tools. We do this by employing several safeguards, including internal proof readers and approval signatures on all client releases.

Cutting-edge:   The Rosen Group is integrated into New York’s creative and forward-thinking culture, at the precipice of the latest trends. We incorporate this sensibility into client campaigns and embrace and utilize new technologies, recognizing the value in up-and-coming and established outlets—from Twitter to Facebook—while developing programs and strategies that drive client Web traffic.

Resourceful:  In good times and bad, superfluous spending is just that. The Rosen Group is committed to maximizing and stretching budgets, strategically allocating funds to ensure the greatest client return.  In addition, when possible, we try to create collaborative, mutually beneficial efforts between two clients.