The Rosen Group has been agency of record for IFAW since 2007, handling a wide range of press and marketing initiatives designed to raise awareness for the animal welfare organization. From policy asks and celebrity engagement to expert commentary and analysis, The Rosen Group works with IFAW to develop strategic campaign outreach plans that align with program priorities.

Among our many victories include:

Ivory Trade: IFAW published a report Killing with Keystrokes, a comprehensive look into the illegal wildlife trade on the internet. The report pressured eBay, Inc. into banning the sale of ivory on all of its sites worldwide. The Rosen Group went into quick action, leveraging the news and garnering over 200 million media impressions for the report and ban. The coverage broke with an exclusive in The New York Times, orchestrated by The Rosen Group, followed by a barrage of coverage that included feature stories in Associated Press, Newsweek, Scientific American, New Scientist, National Geographic, Wired, the Huffington Post and Mother Jones.

Tails for Whales: A grassroots initiative designed to raise awareness for whale conservation, the IFAW’s Tails for Whales campaign has thousands of environmentalists, celebrities, athletes, conservationists and everyday people posing with the sign of the “whale tail.”

TRG has secured media coverage for the Tails for Whales campaign in over 100 outlets reaching an estimated audience of 130 million; secured photos from Ryan Lochte, Ed Begley, Jr., Phyllis Newman, David Blue and Alex Kaluzhsy; solicited donated space from 25 newspapers with a combined circulation of 2.5 million; secured PSA placements on 85 television stations; and more.