Founded in 1984 by Lori Rosen, The Rosen Group—headquartered in Manhattan, with an office in Denver—is a full service public relations firm with over three decades of experience building awareness for its clients. From high-profile broadcast placements with the Today Show and NPR to coveted print coverage in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, The Rosen Group understands implicitly how to translate sophisticated agendas into easily-understood and impactful stories that journalists value.

With each campaign, The Rosen Group immerses itself with the client to discover the angles that will attract media attention. Strategies are mapped out to tap consumer and trade media to deliver the client’s message to each of its targeted audiences. Each campaign’s success is measured by its influence on media coverage and the corresponding impact on the client’s business.

With excellent media contacts, a journalist’s eye for a good story and a tenacious bottom-line philosophy, The Rosen Group is on the leading edge of creating successful campaigns for its clients.